Currently, the most sophisticated supply chain finance services can be accessed only by few suppliers.
A company leading a supply chain engages with several types of suppliers. Some of them are big, solid and well organized, and their management justifies the production of detail reports on their assets and liabilities or on their financial situation. These players often have consolidated relationships with traditional banks and financial institutions.
On the contrary, other suppliers are smaller, yet equally strategic thanks to their flexibility or specialization. Their size and difficulty in proving their reliability and regularity in cash flows often penalize them when it comes to accessing funding channels, the latter non always being convenient.
Finally, supply chain leaders target a reference financial system that can be of a country differing from that of many of their suppliers; however, this should not be a limit to facilitating them to receive liquidity.


We ensure supply chain leaders that all suppliers have the necessary liquidity to guarantee continuity and flexibility to industrial processes.

We allow also smaller suppliers to access funding solutions and terms that are the closest to those granted to supply chain leaders.

We improve the performances of the entire supply chain by enabling the use of data that are not necessarily only financial.